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VIBE: Renovation Without Demolition

Updated: Jun 13

Most every home improvement show on TV these days shows major demolition, destruction, and massive changes to existing floor plans, as part of their ‘one hour’ transformational home makeovers.

In many of our blogs, we have written about our renovations, replacements, and upgrades that will dramatically improve the homes of VIBE beneficiaries. We have been asked how is that possible without major demo?

We should remember that the overwhelming majority of homes that are selected to be part of the VIBE Home Makeover platform have existing floor plans that are perfectly designed. This is because we have elected to renovate homes no older than 40 years old. Homes built after 1980 were designed by architects to be more modern, more contemporary, and more functional than those built in the 40’s 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. Most homes designed since 1980 already have larger kitchens, family rooms, main bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, and many already have more open floor plans than their predecessors. Also, due to federal regulations, lead-based paint was banned from consumer use in 1978, so homes built from 1980 on contain no toxic lead-based finishes.

There’s no question if our world included unlimited budgets and unlimited time to reno, there likely would be some modest (or not-so-modest) revisions, to existing footprints, in order to increase square footage, or adjust some parts of the home’s layout to be more preferable. However, with a philanthropic platform and 12 days start-to-finish renos, extraordinary improvements can be bestowed to our selected VIBE family-in-need, without footprint modifications.

New custom paint and trim can transform an existing house’s footprint into a stunning home. Accent features and walls can be added to spotlight an important part of a room. Extensive landscaping, including cleanup and planting of new flowers, shrubbery, trees, and plants can positively impact the curb appeal. A new HVAC system and solar technology are considerably easier to install with an existing floor plan. New replacement windows (are simply installed into existing window spaces) make the home more energy efficient, and visually appealing. Updated flooring throughout the home, especially with today’s newer options can dramatically change the look and functionality of an existing footprint. Modern kitchen upgrades, including new or refaced cabinetry, upgraded countertops, and brand-new appliances can bring beautiful visual and functional changes to the hub of the home. Bathrooms can be transformed into modern spa-like environments without changes to the floor plans. New furniture in the main living area and bedrooms, selected and placed by professional interior designers, immediately transforms the VIBE home.

And these are simply our core categories of improvements. Additional upgrades, including smart home technology, custom closets, designer window treatments, beautiful interior and exterior lighting, new modern ceiling fans, and an array of finishing touches (artwork, home décor, wall mirrors, plants, vases, linens, bedding, lamps, wall clocks, shelving, throw pillows, and household treasures) provide a synergistic collection of accents that are sure to bring years of pleasure and renewed functionality to the renovated VIBE home for the family.

And we’re still not done. Exterior upgrades in addition the landscaping may include new gutters (and gutter protection), outdoor furniture, fencing, pavers, outdoor spa, lanai or patio, outdoor shed, and more.

ALL of these improvements and upgrades listed are possible (and scheduled) to occur without any major demolition. (This is not to say we won’t ever consider removing a wall, or other modest demo.) With our condensed 12-day renovation timeframe, we are focused on improvements that won’t disrupt the VIBE families’ lives. Our goal is to provide stunning home makeovers, designed by professionals, at no cost to the homeowners or families in-need. All without the daunting process of floor plan modifications.

Funding for VIBE Home Makeovers originates from project partners, who contribute financial resources, home improvement and related products, and employee skilled and general volunteer support.

For additional information about the nomination process, please email VIBE (, or call 813.934.4330.

Marshall G. Zotara

Senior Managing Director

Trilogy Agency


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