They say you are judged by the company you keep.  And we think we keep pretty good company.  Although our firm's co-founder, Marshall G. Zotara, has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies during the last three decades, he has also partnered with regional and local companies striving to make a difference--both on their P&L Statement, and in their community.

We have modeled our blueprint based on Zotara's success experienced during the past 30+ years.  Zotara and his associated companies have partnered with more than 100 clients, produced more than 600 cause project events, and managed more than 20,000 employee volunteers.


"This is the best idea I've ever seen in all my years in public relations."

- Vice President, Public Relations - Fortune 100 Bank, California

“We initially thought of our participation as simply a good PR move, but quickly discovered that our involvement brought us benefits far beyond what we had expected."


- Vice President, Regional HealthCare Provider - Florida

"The marketing is substantial.  But the real story is when you see the homeowner you're helping break down and cry!"

- Team Manager, Fortune 100 Home Improvement Retailer - California

“Perhaps most important, this project was turn-key for our managers and staff.  All media, marketing, and PR efforts were handled effectively and efficiently by your organization, and employee volunteerism was easy to coordinate.”


- President/CEO, Regional Credit Union - Florida

“This project revitalized a tired and aging elementary school into a brilliant. inspiring, and inviting educational facility.  Our entire team was very satisfied with the event execution...provided every element for a successful project including planning, organization, and extensive communication.”


- Public Affairs Manager, Fortune 100 Retailer - California

“I want to commend your organization for a job well done!  Totally professional.”

- District Leader, Habitat For Humanity - California

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