VIBE Home Makeover is Trilogy’s flagship cause event.  What started in the ’90s as PAINT YOUR HEART OUT in Southwest Florida, this project has morphed into a cause that provides transformations of homes-in-need. 


Often, disadvantaged families (especially those with special needs children), current military families and needy veterans, and those affected by the pandemic, live on low fixed incomes, or household incomes that are not sufficient to maintain their family home. Through no fault of their own, they may need assistance in improving and repairing their homes.


In underserved communities, our VIBE Home Makeover projects provide a complete transformation of these homes.  More than 20 exterior and interior improvements, cosmetic and functional, are completed within a collapsed one-week period, by our Partners.  These $150,000 VIBE Home Makeovers may include:

Up to 10+ CORE Improvements, such as:​

  • Complete exterior paint including trim + accents.

  • New landscaping including planting of flowers, shrubbery, trees, and plants.

  • Custom interior paint of walls in all rooms.

  • New flooring throughout the home.

  • Refacing of kitchen cabinets.

  • New countertops in kitchen + bathrooms.

  • New kitchen appliances.

  • Updated bathrooms.

  • New furniture for common areas + main bedroom.

  • New electronics for main living area.

  • Lighting

  • Closets

  • Window Treatments

  • A/C + Heating

  • Ceiling Fans

  • Storm Shutters

  • Security System

  • Solar

  • Special Needs

  • Linens

  • Bedding

Up to 10+ ELECTIVE Improvements, such as:

  • Garage

  • Fencing

  • Generator

  • Patio Enclosure

  • Patio Furniture

  • Roofing

  • Carpentry

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Artwork

  • Décor

If you’re part of the Lead Partnership group, your employee volunteers are provided with everything necessary to make that difference.  Paint, brushes, rollers, materials, protection, equipment, tools, plants, landscaping, even a professional painter or two to help provide a seamless cause event.  Your employees receive an enhanced volunteer experience!


If you’re part of the Showcase Partnership group, your employee volunteers are provided with a well-managed, well organized platform.  Every improvement is scheduled within the timeframe you provided us.  We take pride to make sure there are little to no revisions or changes that could disrupt the reno schedule.  Your employees are provided with everything agreed upon during previous conversations.


Yes, our VIBE Home Makeover initiatives make a world of difference to the recipient and to your community. But just as important as the renovations, you provide renewed hope, joy, and belief that, people and companies, really do care.

Trilogy Agency manages every aspect of this emotionally-charged cause, including the procurement of professional designers who (with the help of our companies who adopt) fully engage the recipient and his/her family to design a one-of-a-kind astounding ambiance.

To nominate yourself, or someone in need, visit the Trilogy Agency (management firm for VIBE Home Makeover) at and request a nomination application. Share the story about why the person you are nominating would be a good candidate.  


We are seeking a family, couple, or single person-in-need.  Household income should be no more than 300% of federal poverty level ($79,500 for a family of four), although families with health or other challenging conditions may be eligible with higher household incomes.


Candidates for the VIBE Home Makeover must be a Florida homeowner, residing in Hillsborough or Pinellas county.  Don’t delay, our first-year VIBE home makeover selection is expected to be made no later than Summer, 2022.  

Collaborative design meetings will start in Fall, 2022.  


VIBE improvements will be completed during a 2 week community-build timeline in April, 2023.

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Volunteers build neighborhood playgrounds at community spaces, nonprofit sites, or public/charter school campuses.


Depending on the design, these playgrounds provide children, adults, and seniors of all abilities, a setting in which to exercise and socialize with peers and family.

Playgrounds are completed in less than a week, by a team of zealous employee volunteers, culminating in a one-day, all hands-on, volunteer event.  

For children, features can include toddler and traditional swings, seesaws, tire swings, sway tables, smaller scale rock climbing walls, climbing ropes, monkey bars, tunnels, and slides.

For adults, these unique projects are more focused on fitness and exercise.  Similar to indoor gyms—except outdoors, these areas include family-friendly play equipment, low-impact stations, and fitness challenges.

For seniors, includes low-impact, joint-friendly equipment; fitness challenges; stationary bikes; and mobility stations. Older adults can congregate and socialize while using equipment, to help maintain flexibility, stamina, and balance.

There is a rapidly emerging trend to provide playgrounds for the aging population, either as a stand-alone area, or in unison with a children or family play area.  This combo allows grandparents, parents, and grandchildren to exercise, socialize, and bond in a unique and healthy outdoor setting.  In addition, our all-inclusive options allow children and adults of all abilities to enjoy their time outdoors. 

Trilogy Agency manages every aspect of this community-build, volunteer program, including the procurement of professional playground and landscape designers, who (with the help of our companies who adopt) fully engage the recipient (and community-at-large) to design a unique, and sustaining area of play.  

OUR PLAYGROUND Corporations For Communities
Corportions For Communities Legacy Project


Volunteers design, create, and build mini parks and enhanced gardens at school campuses, nonprofit sites, community parks, municipal open spaces, etc.

These beautiful spaces help to unify the neighborhood through a community-minded spirit, and thus is aptly named THE COMMONS.  Priority is given to underserved areas.

Completed in less than a week by a team of impassioned volunteers. Mini parks and gardens include a central hub of the park, the Gazebo @ THE COMMONS, surrounded by the planting of flowers, shrubs, and trees. 

Hardscape can include boulders, stone, brick, block, concrete, wood, gravel, and glass pebbles. 


Augmenting the mini parks can be community growing areas (fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers) that help to bring neighbors closer together by sharing.  


Other options can include variety of group and individual seating arrangements, picnic areas, relaxation benches, meditation paths, outdoor learning space, play areas, water features, landscape bridges, shading, and path lighting. 

Trilogy Agency manages every aspect of this community-engagement program, including the procurement of professional landscape and environmental designers who (with the help of our companies who adopt) fully engage the recipient to design a unique and sustaining mini park garden environment.  

THE COMMONS Corporations For Communities
Corporations For Communities Legacy Project


Volunteers create a stunning themed-bedroom inside the homes of physically, medically, or emotionally-challenged children and teens to reflect the recipient's "dream" surroundings.  

Due to the high cost of medical care, parents frequently lack the means to provide comfortable and inviting space for their child in need.  Often these children and teens need to spend the majority of their time in his/her bedroom.


Some of the children we help are dealing with conditions and illnesses such as: Cancer, Autism, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Cystic Fibrosis, Muscular Dystrophy, among others.    

These makeover projects are usually completed in less than a week by a team of dedicated employee volunteers.  Themes of similar models have included Princess Castle, Firehouse, Car Racing, Rain Forest, Space, The Outdoors, Sports, Hollywood, Movies, Favorite Book, and a variety of animal, character, and cartoon type designs.

Components can include new custom bed framing and appropriate mattress; custom-designed paint on walls and ceiling; integrated flooring; custom-built furniture; coordinating linens (bedding, drapes, etc.); murals, artwork, accessories; and other themed aspects.  


Our environments are only limited by the imagination of the child or teen in need. 

Trilogy Agency manages every aspect of this emotionally-charged cause, including the procurement of professional designers who (with the help of our companies who adopt) fully engage the recipient and his/her family to design a one-of-a-kind astounding ambiance.

MY DREAM ROOM Corporations For Communities
Corporations For Communities Makeover Series


Our original model is a fully-customizable community improvement and beautification theme that revitalizes underserved and lower-income neighborhoods. Perfect for all levels and types of companies (multi-national, regional, and local firms), COLOR MY WORLD delivers unprecedented results in all three modules of our blueprint: community engagement, corporate volunteerism, and public relations.

Typically 30-300 employee volunteers provide a complete exterior makeover for a group of homes owned by low-income families, veterans, seniors; an exterior beautification for a neglected community center, such as Boys and Girls Club, Veterans Center, or Senior Center; or a revitalization of a local public or charter school, complete with landscaping enhancements.  You can select the population you want to help, the community you want to improve, the site you would like to beautify, and many other aspects of the cause.  

Projects are generally completed in one single day (Saturdays or weekdays), with most volunteerism completed by 1:00 pm with our popular 'DONE-BY-ONE' platform.  Trilogy Agency manages every aspect of the endeavor so you can concentrate on your company's goals and objectives.  

With more than 600 completed projects using this model, we have spent 20 years perfecting this theme, resulting in 98.9% of our volunteers saying they would do it again! 

These custom community improvement and beautification projects are typically fused together to create a highly intriguing and synergistic result of community giving, employee volunteer engagement, and media/PR. 

COLOR MY WORLD USA Corporations For Communities
Corporations For Communities Makeover Series


Trilogy Agency can design, manage, produce, and deliver a fully-engaged initiative specifically for your company.


Areas of specialty and previous success include:

  1. Community development, improvement, and beautification

  2. Education, including underserved children and families 

  3. Seniors, including mentorship and fixed-income elderly issues

  4. Veterans, including assistance inside their homes and in alternate living, support, and recreational environments  

  5. Sports | Athletics | Fitness, including partnerships with professional sports teams, youth sports, health and fitness

We can design from scratch, or use a theme that your company may have experienced previously, either in a successful or challenging way.


We collaborate with your team to specifically develop a model that meets or exceeds your company's expectations.

We can design and produce your initiative annually as an equity builder, or help you assume management of the project when you are ready.

These custom project themes are typically fused together to create a highly intriguing and synergistic result of community giving, employee volunteer engagement, and public relations. 

Corporations For Communities Custom-Designed