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Proprietary Cause Marketing Q&A | Part 2

This is the second in a series of Q&A for our refined platform, Proprietary Cause Marketing. You may first want to read Part 1, written earlier, and check back soon for future updates.

<<< (Continued from Part 1)

OK, SO NOW WHAT IS PROPRIETARY CAUSE MARKETING? Proprietary cause marketing is an innovative cause marketing platform developed by our unique firm, Trilogy Agency. The primary difference from traditional cause marketing, is that the cause projects produced for the for-profits are created, developed, and owned by Trilogy, and most of the rights are then licensed (transferred) to our clients for leveraging.

WHAT RIGHTS CAN BE TRANSFERRED? Corporate naming rights; transferring (or donating) ownership of the completed projects to the in-need recipients; the ability for you to fully-customize many components; hyper-organized employee volunteerism; and substantive media, press, and PR.

HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT FROM TRADITIONAL CAUSE MARKETING? Essentially, under our umbrella, you own the project (or your part of the project), and we collaborate with you to develop and manage the project, based on your goals, your objectives, and your expectations. Our triple crossover approach focuses on three distinct areas; developing cause projects (and your part in these), managing your employee volunteerism, and delivering your media, marketing, and PR.

REALLY? NO RESTRICTIONS? WHY NOT? Although Trilogy Agency is not a nonprofit, the beneficiaries of our projects are still low-income residents and families, at-risk children, nonprofits, and municipalities. Because of our structure, Trilogy is free of encumbrances and restrictions placed on 501(c)3’s. End result, is you can still give to your communities (with even more impact), and now you can activate (leverage) your philanthropy, and receive unusual and tangible benefits that work for you—especially in the areas of organized employee volunteerism and becoming recognized as a good corporate citizen through media and PR.

SO YOU DON’T PARTNER WITH NONPROFITS? Not true. We sometimes align with nonprofits, school districts, and municipalities. The difference is they are primarily the ‘recipients’ or ‘beneficiaries’ of our cause projects, not the ‘owner’ of the cause initiatives. What makes Proprietary Cause Marketing so compelling is that YOU virtually own and control the project, or your part of the project. We have years of success developing public/private partnerships that provide benefits for all parties.

PR is one of the  more discernable differences with Proprietary Cause Marketing

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