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Eligibility and Selection Guidelines for VIBE Home Makeover Released

A more relaxed, unique qualification and selection approach allows more households to qualify.

A very different eligibility model is used to offer a greater chance at a beautiful VIBE renovation, as compared to those offered by nonprofit organizations, government-subsidized programs, and social service agencies.

More households and families to qualify for a VIBE Home Makeover!

Because VIBE relies on the private sector for funding, we are not governed by the more strict scoring model used by others. The stunning improvements made to our selected VIBE homes are provided, or made possible, by our partners. Lead partners provide substantial financial resources and employee volunteerism; design and general contractor partners provide design and renovation management; showcase partners provide home-related products, installations, and warranties; and supporting contributors provide final ‘pieces to the puzzle’ to make the house, a home.

Our private-sector funding sources allow a more broad qualification and selection process. Our proprietary model includes a more liberal household income guideline. First, note that household income is a guideline, not a restriction. To be considered, we prefer nominated household incomes to be under 300% of Federal HHS Poverty Guidelines, based on the most recently published table. Note the term ‘prefer’. The established 2024 guidelines for a family of four would be $93,600. Although, these guidelines are certainly preferred, we would consider a nominated household whose family income exceeds the threshold, if other factors and issues are present.

Other conditions may include, but not be limited to: 1) a primary member of household is included in one of our ‘special consideration’ focused areas for our inaugural project (nurses, health-care workers, teachers and educators, military households), 2) health-related concerns for one or more family members, especially serious issues with any of the family’s children, 3) age and condition of home prior to renovation, and 4) feasibility of home improvements based on the VIBE platform.

Since most of the improvements are completed with contributions from our VIBE partners, in addition to community volunteers, certain upgrades may be somewhat limited, especially if the home is: 1) more than 40 years old, 2) more than a single-level, 3) may have unusual damage or disrepair, or 4) has certain conditions that may restrict or limit our VIBE partners.

These conditions should make it easier for more families to qualify for the renovation, versus the more strict, traditional scoring models. In essence, the household guideline provides starting parameters to perhaps fulfill a more compelling need. The additional considerations may better complete the story.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in requesting a Pre-Qualification Form, visit, or email

Again, we look for the entire picture of need—not just household income levels.

Marshall G. Zotara

Senior Managing Director

Trilogy Agency


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