• Marshall G. Zotara

Our Platform. In 30 Seconds.

Updated: Jan 4

Although Trilogy Agency's Proprietary Cause Marketing blueprint is certainly rare and unique, and it seems we can talk about the differences compared to others for hours, we realize we need an elevator pitch...

So, in 30 seconds...

We inspire companies to make a difference in their communities, and at the same time, get a tangible, immediate, and rewarding ROI.

We help our clients transform spaces of those-in-need, renovate bedrooms of children-in-need, makeover school classrooms, build outdoor learning centers, develop mini-parks, and build playgrounds.

We manage all phases of the projects (design to completion), the employee volunteerism experience, and the PR and media that recognize our clients as awesome corporate citizens.

There you go.

Our 30 seconds is up.

Marshall G. Zotara

Trilogy Agency


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