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Details VIBE Project Recipient Improvements

More than 20 exterior and interior improvements will be made by our showcase partners. During the next few months, we are highlighting each of the improvements that the selected recipient may receive.

Each of these improvements are placed into categories that help to assist us in selecting the specific renovations that each recipient receives: Major, Elective, Site Specific, and Finishing Touches.

MAJOR (CORE) upgrades include those 10 that we strive to provide each recipient. Major upgrades include: full exterior painting, custom interior painting, refreshed landscaping, A/C and heating, new flooring, kitchen cabinet refacing, kitchen countertops, updated appliances, bathroom renos, new furniture, and the latest electronics. Providing there is a need for each of the major upgrades, it is expected that each recipient receives most or all of these major upgrades.

ELECTIVE improvements include those that we provide depending on the recipient’s home, floor plan, family lifestyle, most recent improvements, and household’s wants. Elective improvements include smart home technology, upgraded lighting, multiple ceiling fans, new or rebuilt closets, multiple new windows, refreshed window treatments, solar technology, whole home generator, security system, water purification, patio enclosure, outdoor patio furniture, and lawn care equipment. Each recipient should receive multiple elective improvements as part of the 20 that are allotted.

SITE SPECIFIC enhancements include those that are more specific to only certain homes. These include the home’s storm shutters, electrical upgrades, plumbing repairs, garage reno, epoxy surfacing, new gutters and/or gutter protection, repair or selective roofing (not whole home), backyard fencing, and special needs or requests by the homeowner for their highly specific situation or circumstance. Each recipient may receive a few of these as part of the 20, but some may not need any in this category unless there is a specific need.

FINISHING TOUCHES complete the designer makeover and include linens, bedding, pillows, lamps, clocks, shelving, treasures, artwork, mirrors, plants, vases, and other home décor. It is expected that each homeowner receives several of these finishing touches.

In all, the selected recipient will receive a VIBE Home Makeover of more than 20 of these improvements, transforming their home into a truly beautiful and functional living environment. (Disclosure: Each recipient will not receive all of the noted improvements, but rather, approximately 20 listed upgrades, plus finishing touches, that are conducive to their living situation.)

In addition to these improvements, the ’Holiday Edition’ makeovers include holiday decorations and lights that make their home sparkle for the season for years to come! Our volunteers decorate their home in the spirit of the holiday, blending new with existing family holiday treasures. Depending on the recipient wishes, these may include a new fully-decorated Christmas tree; cheerful interior lights and holiday décor; exterior lighting; and outdoor themed displays and inflatables. We will strive to combine our new holiday décor (that the family will keep) with their existing holiday decorations and traditions.

We will highlight each of these in future blogs, and provide more details so that you can capture a picture of what each VIBE Home Makeover is expected to look like when completed.

We are now seeking nominations for our inaugural $150,000 designer home makeover project in Tampa Bay, Florida for 2022-23! The first year’s project is a special ‘Holiday Edition’ theme, reflecting the spirit of holiday giving.

Funding for VIBE Home Makeovers originates from project partners, who contribute financial resources, home related products, and employee volunteer support.

For additional information, please visit our website www.VibeHomeMakeover.com or call 941.867.2300.

Marshall G. Zotara

Senior Managing Director

Trilogy Agency

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