An emerging story gaining in prominence.  Corporate America is rethinking the way they approach community outreach and employee volunteerism, and the public relations surrounding these efforts.

Trilogy Agency understands that in any emerging story, there is an educational process to the movement.


We provide news, stories, articles, blogs, press releases, and research about how companies are taking a new approach to community engagement, corporate volunteerism, and the way they spotlight their company.


Hopefully, this information will help you decide if the time is right for your company to make the transition to the new

triple-crossover approach of fusing community engagement and corporate volunteerism, and the PR that surrounds them.

If your company has already taken action to blend these three areas, or if you know of a company that has, please let us know.

We'll share what you're doing, that's good for the community, and good for your bottom line. Please click the link below to submit your story, or provide your feedback or opinion.


Read and share the articles below to learn more about how other companies are approaching CSR, community engagement, corporate employee volunteerism, team-building, and the media and PR that spotlight these outreach efforts.