In our most simplistic form, Trilogy Agency is a cutting-edge Proprietary Cause Marketing firm specializing in the synergistic blending of companies’ social causes, corporate volunteerism, and PR/media. 

As a Trilogy client, your Company will:

· Fulfill CSR and community outreach objectives with customized community cause events

· Retain, reward, and recruit valued employees with organized team-building volunteer opportunities

· Become recognized as a caring, community-conscious, corporate citizen through targeted PR/media attention

· Increase biz dev/sales of your products and services through multiple marketing and sales channels

Our unique crossover approach has resulted in:

· 600+ social cause projects positively impacting thousands in need

· 20,000+ employee volunteers improving underserved communities

· Hundreds of millions of media and PR impressions recognizing our clients as ‘good corporate citizens’

· Clients’ increased sales and business development of products and services

All Trilogy cause initiatives are considered ‘proprietary’ projects, meaning we have developed these in-house. 


We own the projects, manage the projects, and market the projects, which allow us to:

· Partner or align with sponsors, municipalities, agencies, and organizations that provide the most synergistic return

· Further develop, create, and customize the projects so that the end results are maximized for all stakeholders

· Be free of encumbrances and restrictions normally associated with causes of these levels

· Provide unparalleled media, marketing, and PR coverage that is normally missing from projects

· Focus on the measurable and tangible ROI for our Partners—what’s important to you: community engagement; employee volunteerism; PR, media coverage, events; sales and biz dev.   


Our current focus is our inaugural VIBE Home Makeover in Tampa Bay.  In an underserved community, a family-in-need receives a complete transformation of their home. 


More than 20 exterior and interior improvements, cosmetic and functional, are completed within a condensed two-week period, by our Partners.  These $150,000+ VIBE Home Makeovers may include: exterior and interior paint, landscaping, new flooring, refacing of kitchen cabinets, countertops, bathroom upgrades, furniture, electronics, windows, solar, lighting, closets, etc. 


We typically collaborate with two types of sponsors or partners for our VIBE project:

· CORPORATE SPONSORS.  Service-type industries such as: banks, real estate, insurance, corporate HQ’s, etc.

· SHOWCASE SPONSORS.  Home/building improvement products and services such as: paint, flooring, kitchens, appliances, furniture, electronics, lighting, windows, solar, landscaping, HVAC, etc.

~ ~ ~

Since Trilogy Agency owns and manages our proprietary initiatives in-house, we are able to provide unusual and unparalleled benefits to you as a VIBE Home Makeover partner: 


CAUSE  |  By adopting a VIBE Home Makeover transformation, your efforts provide a needed gift that will make a dramatic difference in the life of a family-in-need.  Our inaugural project provides special priority to: nurses and first responders, teachers/educators, active or retired military, families with special needs.


So you can concentrate on your core business responsibilities, Trilogy manages each component of the process.  This includes research of communities, populations, and sites, in addition to all due diligence to ensure the recipients you help are deserving.  All necessary products, materials, supplies, equipment, tools, and professional direction are provided by Trilogy and our partners.  Community impact studies prove your contribution to the communities you serve is valued well in excess of typical donations.


VOLUNTEERISM (OPTIONAL)  |  Your employee team-building volunteer experience is managed with impeccable attention to details.  From an easy-to-register on-line volunteer portal; to well-organized and  dedicated volunteer activities; to offering leadership roles; your employees are treated with respect and shown the utmost appreciation.  Projects are very well-planned and volunteers play major roles in giving back to their communities, while experiencing immediate, tangible, and visible results.


PR + MEDIA  |  Bundled media and PR surround your cause event.  An extended 12-Month active media campaign spotlights your Company with 10 different major opportunities.  Project website exposure, a customized microsite built for you, a plethora of social media postings, podcasts, blogging, video vignettes, ‘Incentive-To-Buy’ campaigns, project collateral, biz dev networking events, culminating with the PROJECT REVEAL; our ’Community Impact’ magazine, a separate company-branded video highlighting your Company’s exposure, and our 6-Episode YouTube on-demand video series. 


In addition, you receive a guaranteed bank of PR credit/hours, fulfilled by our publicists, to ensure that your message is clearly communicated and your stories are covered.  You decide exactly how to use your PR credits, and where to place supplemental media and PR to obtain maximum exposure.  This PR credit offers unparalleled engagement with your customers and potentials.  Our team of media-centric professionals understands explicitly how to get the media attention you desire, resulting in increased sales. 

Our focus is to highlight your products and services, drawing unusual attention and buzz, and dramatically increase your sales and biz dev opportunities.  Todays’ media allows highly-customized individual approaches, in addition to the cachet of being part of a prominent, collaborative, community event.  With our unusual proprietary platform, we provide prime influences to increase sales of your selected products and services. 


And, category exclusivity protection allows your Company to block your competition, and be the only company of its kind involved in the highly-publicized project.   


With more than 20 years of perfecting this blueprint, Trilogy Agency has the proven experience to make a partnership with our VIBE Home Makeover cause event a worthwhile investment.  You’ll make a tangible difference in your community, you’ll reward your employees, and you’ll spotlight your Company.  These combined benefits result in increased sales of your products and services.


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